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Idologic FirewallWe’ve noticed an increase of folks having problems with being unable to access their respective server. We thought it would be worthwhile to clear the air on the situation so that you would be a little more aware of what goes on behind the scenes when this occurs.

All Idologic reseller servers make use of a firewall. Along with certain cPanel services, the firewall and associated services monitor various logins: cPanel logins, webmail/email logins, .htaccess logins, etc. and blocks a user by IP address when too many incorrect logins are made in a short period of time. In this case, the number is five(5) incorrect logins within a span of five(5) minutes. This is a temporary block, but it does last for quite a bit and can become permanent if triggered too often. So, if you forget a password, try it three or four times and then give it 5-10 minutes and try again.

This feature is in place for your protection. One of the most common forms of exploitation on the internet is what is called a brute force attack. In a nutshell, something (either a person or script) attempts to guess your password. The idea is that the attacker will guess simple passwords and a malicious user will gain access to your account and its resources. The problem comes in that most folks choose simple passwords so that they won’t forget them, so this is where a firewall comes in against this sort of action. The quandary is that more difficult passwords can easily be forgotten, and that might leave you locked out of your server until your IP is removed. This meant submitting a ticket in the old days.

In light of this, we here at Idologic have two new solutions to help you (and us) work with the firewall.

Firstly, we have a plugin to WHM which allows resellers to open port 3306 (MySQL) for a specific ip address to have remote MySQL access:

1. Login to WHM

2. Under Plugins, click “Mysql Firewall Configuration”

3. Enter the IP you would like to access MySQL from (your ip)

4. Click submit

Note: This only opens the firewall! You will need to allow your user access to the specific database in cPanel >> MySQL Databases.

The second feature is that now resellers have the ability to unblock IP addresses via their Idologic billing control panel. This means you won’t need to put in a ticket or contact us to remove the IP address:

1. Login to the billing site (http://secure.idologic.com/payment/)

2. Click “Firewall” on the right hand side

3. Enter the IP you believe is blocked.

4. Click search

Note: If you or your client is unsure about what their IP address is, a handy-dandy website is available: http://www.whatismyip.com

As always, if you have any questions or problems at all, do not hesitate to contact our support department!