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dhidologic.jpgHeya folks, I’m Denver Hunter, the newest team member here at Idologic. I’ll pop in during the week, so chances are you will probably come across me at some point.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff years ago on an industry forum, and so I have been familiar with Idologic for a long time. I even considered using their services at one point for the obvious reasons.

Once the initial conversation was over, I knew this job was going to be a doozy, but I knew I was up to the challenge. My family shared the same reaction that Brock spoke of in his post – they were amazed that I had three interviews to make it through. I think the entire process is a testament to the quality that the Idologic name brings to the table. It is a positive challenge. I say that as a wearied web hosting industry member. Throughout the whole process, I realized that the atmosphere here is a special one. I feel like a coaching assistant coming to the already-solid program that is going to explode; that is the level of excitement this position has brought for me.

There are a few things that you should know about yours truly. I have developed websites for over eight years now. I am a part of that generation that has grown up around computers – it all started with those magical days of playing Oregon Trail on the “green screen.” I’ve been involved in the hosting industry itself for about five years now. I currently run a 2,500 member forum and I am starting my own webmaster (and more) blog. I cannot stay away from it and I have grown to love working with Linux. I guess you could say I am a jack-of-all-trades-type.

The “other” side of me is the English major. Naturally, I started college as a Computer Engineering major and then made the logical switch to English. I love the language and I love the ability to create worlds. My favorite novel would be Last of the Mohicans and my favorite book would be the Bible itself. Beowulf is another favorite of mine as well. (I have a passion for the medieval and more recently for American history and writing.) I believe this allows me to excel in the hosting industry because I believe in communication. There is just not enough of it with automation out there. The human touch is crucial.

My great hobby in life includes arrowhead (also known as point) hunting. I guess you cans say that I am an amateur archaeologist of sorts. I spend just about one day every week scouring land for surface finds. I’ve also spent a lot of time studying Native American cultures. I love nature and I love being out in it. My favorite places on Earth include Myrtle Beach, the Virginia mountains, and a few private locations where old Native American camps from thousands of years ago are located. There are some places where God and nature speak, and you just listen.

I truly look forward to working with you all and with the Idologic team. I cannot overstate my excitement and you’ll probably see me around somewhere! Here’s to a successful future