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You know, as a member of the Idologic customer service team, I must say that we are pretty darn fast when it comes to addressing and fixing a support issue (not that I am biased or anything of the sort). Actually, none of us are that conceited, but we work very hard to be the best that we can be for you. However, believe it or not, there are some things that you can do to make us even faster. Here are a couple quick tips for making your interactions with customer support perhaps a little quicker and more pleasant; these hold true for Idologic or any other service provider out there for that matter.

Check out these guidelines that will improve your customer service experiences, guaranteed:

  1. Copy and paste any error messages. One of the most helpful little tidbits that you can do is to post any error message. This includes those pesky and vague email errors as well as any 403, 404, 500, or any other ugly number that comes up instead of your website. While we can oftentimes scour the server logs for clues, a 403 (for example) might mean something as simple as incorrect file permissions.

  2. Explain as much as you are able in detail. Overwhelmingly vague statements such as “My site doesn’t work!” do not help anyone, yourself included. Despite popular myth, no customer service team employs professional mind readers (though we’re all working very hard on achieving that level of mental prowess all of the time). A good rule of thumb is to explain what you were doing when ‘it’ failed to work. Also, go into detail such as the following example: My website seems to be down. I have tried to reach it for the past 5 minutes yet only a blank webpage comes up when I should see my front page. You’d truly be surprised at how much more that second statement tells a customer service representative.

  3. Do not be shy or not admit that you were working on things before your website went down. Do not hesitate to note that changes we applied just before the issue arose or the website went down. If you can replicate the error, feel free to share that as well. Just remember that you pay us to help you in the grand scheme of things. We all make mistakes from time to time.

  4. Remain calm. This is not really an issue here at Idologic (because we have great customers) but always remain calm and explain things to the best of your ability. Support requests can be quick yet still thought out. One of the unique aspects of our own support staff is that every single team member would be at least a Level III member at virtually any other web hosting firm. However, issues vary and sometimes you may feel as though you need someone a little more senior. Never be afraid to ask for a senior representative when dealing with any company if you feel like your issue is not being addressed properly.