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Customers with dedicated servers can now manage their own Reverse DNS (rDNS) entries through a new tool introduced by Idologic. The entry can now be managed by logging into the Billing Client Area and clicking My Reverse DNS. Customers will then see a table for each server that they have with Idologic, including each assigned IP address. By default, the server’s hostname is associated with that IP address. Now notice the text area on the right hand side. If you would like an IP address to resolve to something other than the server’s hostname(such as a specific domain name), edit the hostname to reflect your desired entry and click Save at the bottom. Please allow a little time for the change to propagate, but your rDNS entry for that IP will be updated.

If you are unsure of what exactly rDNS is, please read on.

Normal DNS (simply known as DNS) turns host names into IP addresses such as texas.trustedurl.com into

$ host texas.trustedurl.com
texas.trustedurl.com has address

Reverse DNS basically accompishes the opposite of DNS. rDNS is what turns an IP address into a host name. For example, Reverse DNS turns in to texas.trustedurl.com:

$ host domain name pointer texas.trustedurl.com.

rDNS is useful for many reasons, but one of the major ones is for email. Many providers will not accept an email if rDNS is properly set. Idologic, by default, is configured to work out of the box. This tool is simply provided for a quick solution when a certain site might require its own, unique, rDNS entry.

As always, if you have any problems, please let us know! You can reach us 24/7 at our helpdesk.