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Idologic Now Offers Ruby on Rails and Subversion & Trac

No, there is not a typo in the title. Idologic is proud to announce that Subversion & Trac and  Ruby on Rails are now available to all of our cPanel Reseller customers. These new tools are quite powerful, and offer some nifty features to developers. Both tools are easily accessible in your cPanel control panel.

Ruby on Rails is a programming language (Ruby) on a framework (called Rails). Chances are that if you host with us, you at least know what a programming language does. However, the concept of a framework might be foreign to you. Ruby is a unique programming language in that it tries very hard to resemble a written or spoken human language, as opposed to a complex computer language. Arguably, it succeeds at this task where others failed. If you want to know more about the language, we suggest checking out the homepage at http://www.ruby-lang.org/ to learn about Ruby. There are several helpful tutorials to get you started, and there are many books available at your local bookstore. Ruby further boasts a lot of local groups for those that are really interested because Ruby remains quite popular in the open source community.

Ruby on Rails is the next step; think of it as sort of an optimized version of Ruby specifically for web applications. Although you might not even know it, chances are that you already use websites that function through Ruby on Rails. The list includes: Twitter, YellowPages.com, Hulu, Backpack, Basecamp, and so on. As you can see, for this to be a relatively young scripting language framework, Ruby is already employed in some very demanding environments. More information about Ruby on Rails is available from the official website at http://www.rubyonrails.org/.

Subversion and Trac is a completely different animal. Subversion is what is known as a version control system. Think of it as a type of “time machine” for a script; it is a tool that enables a user to manage changes to a script over time. This is a popular tool for many developers because it enables the safe use of cutting-edge features. However, benefits are not just limited to developers, as it can be employed for any number of files that need to be modified and managed through time. Trac is a type of wiki and issue tracking system. The unique aspect of Trac is that it is tailored to be easy to use with Subversion. To fully understand this technology, check out the official sites: http://subversion.tigris.org/ for Subversion and http://trac.edgewall.org/ for Trac.

We could not possibly describe the merits of either Ruby on Rails or Subversion and Trac in a single sitting. However, from our terse descriptions, the high points are apparent. These features have now progressed far enough that they can be considered safe and useful in shared environment. They are now incorporated into all cPanel reseller accounts. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Idologic at http://helpdesk.idologic.com.

Update: Ruby on Rails is also available on the DirectAdmin servers; please update your client packages if you’d like to give them access to ROR.