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Idologic MailFoundry Service
In lieu of the tired old press release, Idologic is rather pleased to announce the introduction of MailFoundry to its awesome lineup of services. MailFoundry is the name for a new anti-spam and anti-virus solution that will indeed keep your inbox clean. We noticed that many of our customers were running into various issues with the existing cPanel software. These issues resulted in missing emails and general frustration with spam-fighting capabilities. We decided to find a solution and we think we’ve found the best!

So what makes this tool any different from other (non-working) solutions? As you may know, cPanel and DirectAdmin both use a combination of ClamAV and SpamAssassin to fight spam. The latter name gives you a good idea as to how the software works, it kills. Traditional spam fighting literally seeks out and destroys spam. The software relies basically on guesswork and a complex scheme of scoring to determine the “spamminess” (pretend it’s really a word) of an email. The obvious issue is that artificial intelligence concepts like this remain rather simple-minded; that’s not to say the existing software is ineffective or poor by any stretch. However, the existing software is made to handle the average shared account as opposed to handling larger amounts or particularly critical email correspondence. It will miss spam, and it may land a few false positives.

This is where MailFoundry steps in. The software is actually hosted on hardware exclusively devoted to MailFoundry, so this literally takes some of the load off of your server and frees it up for things like processing website pages. Beyond that, though, MailFoundry uses a system called MessageIQTM which is basically a system of real people who monitor global email. These folks staff a datacenter 24x7x365 simply looking at email and finding spam. (Good times!) This makes this setup pretty darn effective against image spam and other devious spammer tricks. In fact, the software catches 99% of all spam and 100% of all viruses. Those are pretty good odds for you non-gamblers out there. The really nifty aspect of the software is that it updates roughly every 5 minutes. As you can imagine, these details make it quite effective. It further boasts a one-in-a-million shot of a false positive!

This new MailFoundry service does come at a cost. We’ve managed to make it a very small one, though. Right now, you can protect 10 mailboxes (per domain) for just $1/month! We’ve created a handy PDF reference sheet for the software that you’re welcome to peruse. If you’re interested in signing up, please contact our helpdesk, which is available 24/7 for help and information! Feel free to ask questions in our forum community as well.