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Over the last year our customers have consistently asked us about the possibility and feasibility of end user support (a service where we support your customers directly). Until today, we’ve told our customers that end user support is not something we are able to offer.

Over the next few weeks however, we’ll begin offering end user support to a limited number of interested resellers.

In addition to basic sales (what’s a hosting package?) and billing issues (where do I go to update my credit card?)), we’ll be handling level 1 and level 2 technical support issues. Level 3 issues will likely require your authorization before moving forward.

The help will be provided 24/7 by the same people at Idologic that support you and your reseller account. The tickets submitted by your customers will appear right in our helpdesk and we’ll have the advantage of knowing about your technical configuration and your company. Best of all, your customers won’t know it’s Idologic – they’ll think our employees are from your company.

To ease communication, as part of our end user support plan, we will setup a secure wiki accessible only by you and our employees. On this wiki, you’ll be able to define support procedures and communicate with our staff directly. You’ll also have access to an employee at Idologic who will serve as your personal account manager.

Pricing for our end user support services is affordable:

  • If you have between 1 and 100 accounts, the basic price is $2 per month per account. You buy service in 25 account blocks ($50 / month).
  • For 101 to 200 accounts, the basic price is $1.50 per month per account. You also buy this service in blocks of 25 accounts ($37.50 / month).
  • If you’d like us to support more than 200 accounts, please contact us for a custom quote.

We’re going to be offering this on a trial basis starting immediately. If you are interested, please contact our sales department at sales@idologic.com. As always, we’re standing by and ready to assist you.