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Blogs, blogging, and the like are no longer buzzwords. They are mainstream and a big part of the Internet. There are now more than 55 million blogs and some of the bigger ones have a profound influence on how companies are communicating with their customers, how they are gathering feedback, and so much more. The amazing thing about blogging and the Internet in general is that everyday people can now start a blog (for free) and share their thoughts about everything from apples to zebras and and pretty much everything in between (for free), and even have people actually read what they are saying. It gives people the power of the press to everyday people and it is an amazing thing.

The team at Idologic is now joining the blogosphere. We’ve helped hundreds of people start blogging over the last few years by providing them with the technical support and technology they need and it is about time we decided to do it ourself. There aren’t too many web hosts with blogs, but there are a few and we hope that ours can be one of the better ones.

We’ll talk about what makes us tick on all levels, why we do what we do, and how we do it. Idologic is all about customer service, so expect some posts about customer service and our philosophies when it comes to customer service. For the tech folk, expect plenty of posts about the technology that powers Idologic and what the technical team is up to. We’ll provide you with behind the scenes looks and show you what is involved with running a web hosting company. We may share an occasional rant with you or let you know what is up in the web hosting industry.

Expect a post, from different team members (and maybe even a few guest bloggers) at least once a week. In true blogging spirit, we encourage you to provide us with your feedback. Tell us what you think about us as a company, our services, and our blog. The comments are open – we are all ears and look forward to hearing from you.

We’ll see you around the blogosphere!

– Team Idologic