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BrockGreetings everyone! I’m Brock Noland – the new team member here at Idologic. I’ll be around mostly on Friday nights and over the weekends.

I am a UNIX geek at heart. As such, I am really enjoying my work here at Idologic! As it’s a different industry, I am still learning the nuances of cPanel and DirectAdmin, but am learning them all pretty quickly. I have been running websites and working with Linux/UNIX for around 10 years.

Soon after I started interviewing at Idologic, I knew that Idologic was going to be a fun place to work. I had 4 or 5 interviews before a decision was made. My friends and family kept saying, “you have another interview, I thought this was a part time position!” At that point, I knew that Idologic invested heavily in finding the right people – which I feel translates in a very positive working environment.

My interest in websites started early. I was somewhere around 12 or 13 when I built my first website. It was a Mountain Dew fan site, where I sold Mountain Dew T-Shirts via mail order. The site was shutdown when my ISP realized they had a 13 year old running a business from his personal “web space”.

Currently, I maintain a few websites, the most popular being my blog on learning the Linux/UNIX command line, BASH Cures Cancer.

When not working, I love to sail with my father on Lake Superior. We usually sail in the Apostle Islands, though last year there was a trip to the improbable US possession of Isle Royale. Currently there is talk of storming the Canadian shore and/or Chicago this summer. Someday soon, I hope to sail in the trade winds, or at least someplace that’s warm!

I suppose that’s all for now. I am looking forward to meeting everyone!