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Idologic offers Cloudmark Authority.

Sometimes we techies get carried away and create these cool solutions, but then we do not effectively communicate them to the greater community. So, in an effort to improve that, we will be highlighting some of the very cool things we do, but that are not always obvious. This series of mini-posts will start with “Did you know that?”

Did you know that Idologic includes Cloudmark Authority with all reseller accounts? So who or what is a Cloudmark Authority?

Cloudmark Authority integrates into SpamAssassin and significantly improves the performance and accuracy. The typical client will immediately see benefits by a reduction of the spam that gets through SpamAssassin and false positives are dramatically reduced. In head-to-head trials worldwide, Cloudmark Authority filters spam with greater than 98% accuracy and near-zero false positives. Cloudmark detects messaging abuse in any format or language, including image spam, virus attachments, and phishing URLs.




Contact us for details and cost on enabling it for your managed dedicated server or managed VPS.

But that’s not at all, we also offer access to our Barracuda Spam Firewall, which is a premium option providing you with even greater insight and control to your domains email. We’ll discuss that in a future mini post.

Happy Monday!