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Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Idologic dedicated servers are built for performance. We don’t mess around with low end machines, slow drives, or minimal configurations. When you need a dedicated server, you should expect a powerful server that can handle anything you throw at it.

When We Say “Fully”, We Mean It

Our managed servers come with the help you need to keep your site or application running smoothly, all the time.

Take our server monitoring. We go way beyond of asking if your server is up. Our systems analyze your server performance every few seconds and alert a technician if things start to go south. We’re always on top of it.

Fully Featured Servers

  • 24x7 No-wait Support
  • Exclusively SSD storage
  • Server Analytics Monitoring
  • 100% Redundant Network
Customer Reviews

The Best Dedicated Hosting

High End Servers

From the most basic servers to top of the line, we invest in the best hardware. Your server always comes with dual power supplies, hot-swap drive bays, and specs that will make your applications and websites fly.

Top Tier Network

Every dedicated server is connected to the network through at least two redundant links. And we connect to Tier 1 transit providers so you’re always on, and always fast.

Managed Security

Our technicians secure your server against a wide variety of attacks. From access security to the firewall and even security scanners, we have you covered. You even have the option to connect via secure VPN.

Advanced Monitoring

Our monitoring give us deep visibility into what’s happening on your server. We can see trouble before it hits, and revisit exactly what the state of the server was at any point in the past.

All the features you need:

Always Included

  • All SDD/NVMe storage
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Redundant network connection
  • No long-term contracts
  • Active monitoring/alerting
  • Full management

Always Available

  • cPanel / WHM
  • Off-server backups
  • Access to full system analytics + alerting
  • VPN for additional security
  • Advanced security
  • 10GB networking

minutes to ticket response

second wait for live chat or phone

sites hosted

What Do Customers Think About Our Service?

“I have been in the industry (and been a customer of Idologic) more years than I’d like to admit, and these guys are top notch. You can’t go wrong by placing your trust here.”

User “sporkcomm”

“Any issue i have had over the years has been resolved super fast. Amazing service. I recommend to everyone!”

User “starkey”

“I recommend Idologic to anyone and everyone I come in contact with needing hosting service and actively steer clients towards Idologic secure in the knowledge they will be well taken care of.”

Larry W.

“Extremely professional and helpful at all times, a great and reliable partner.”

Dimitrios M.

“Always very quick and helpful, I’ve been with them for many years and haven’t had a single problem.”


“These guys are the best, email response within minutes regardless of weekends or time of day. Always very polite and in my opinion go above and beyond what is expected of them.”

Pete N.

“They are a very helpful group that is always responsive and willing to help out and make sure any issues I have are resolved. This is, hands down, the best experience I have ever had with a web hosting company. Top notch group.”

Russ K.

“I’ve been astounded with the level of service, from the hardware / connectivity / performance, to the team that makes Idologic run like a well oiled machine! Highly recommend this company!”

Steve H.

High Powered Dedicated Servers

All the horsepower you need for the busiest sites, the biggest data stores, and the smartest applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my server be ready?

Your server will be provisioned shortly after you order, usually within a few hours. If you’ve ordered any additional software, migrations, or specific configuration requested our technicians will need some extra time to complete delivery.

Will you help me move my sites?

Yes! Our team will happily handle migrating your websites to your new server for you. After you’ve ordered the server, you can jump on chat or open a ticket and request a migration. We’ll collect the rest of the information needed to complete the migration and then get to work.

We’ll make sure that everything from your old server gets to the new server and is configured the same as it was. Plus we’ll walk you through any changes or settings you need to adjust to make sure you have a smooth transition with minimal down time.

What makes Idologic servers stand out?

Idologic delivers dedicated servers like we use for our own systems. Upgraded servers with more than the bare minimum.

Like redundant power supplies connected to separate power circuits. “Regular” dedicated servers have a single power source. If there’s ever a problem, your server WILL go down. With Idologic, we always deliver servers that have two power supplies, each able to handle the server’s needs on it’s own. So even if there was a problem, your server would stay on.

And then there’s our redundant network. Our standard configuration bonds two network connections together, giving your server resilience against a single card, cable, or switch causing unnecessary downtime.

What’s included in Fully Managed?

Fully managed means that our team is responsible for taking care of your server from the ground up. It means we manage the operating system including security patches and updates. Not just when we deliver the server, on an ongoing basis.

It also means we manage all standard software on your server. We make sure your database and webserver are running smoothly. We keep your server secure and optimized.

We also believe in a pro-active approach to caring for your server. We actively monitor your system, not just for uptime but all of the key systems and metrics. If anything gets out of line or technicians are alerted so they can take action before it turns into a major issue. In fact, we often fix problems without any impact to your site or services.

Can we manage our own servers?

All of our servers includ full management. But of course, we won’t force you to use it. If you’d like to have your team take over managing your servers, we’re happy to help facilitate that.

Please keep in mind that we may have a reduced ability to help with problems once you’ve moved to self-management. Our technicians may not be familiar with the particular OS, software, or configuration options you choose. We’ll always make a best effort to assist with anything you need.