Idologic Networks maintains a top of the line network in the 55 Marietta Street carrier hotel in downtown Atlanta, GA. We own and operate our own servers, network equipment and IP space.


Our dual stack IPv4/IPv6 network is continuously monitored and optimized. Our ASN is AS36454 and our looking glass is located can be found at We’re confident in our network and it helps us provide high quality reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting to all of our customers.patch cable


Our servers are co-located in our own cabinets and to ensure maximum performance and reliablity, Idologic Networks only uses top of the line hardware such as supermicro, lenovo,cisco, etc. Our solutions are built around enterprise grade hardware.


Network Equipment

Our network equipment consists of top of the line Cisco routers, switches and firewalls. Our routers use BGP4 routing, which allows name space broadcasting to multiple backbone providers, ensuring better redundancy by connection fail-over. Simply put, if one connection goes down, another will immediately take its place without any downtime.


All our locations are telecommunications/data grade facilities that provides systems that assure power availability, temperature control, fire suppression, and secured access. Our cabinets are also monitored by 24×7 video surveillance.