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newexterior.jpg We’ve had a vast majority of our (customers’) servers in the 56 Marietta Street datacenter in downtown Atlanta for a couple of years now. We’ve been pretty happy with the datacenter and its overall track record of being responsive to us and providing a quality service. However, we’ve pretty much filled our space at the datacenter and need to expand.

Idologic has chosen the datacenter at 55 Marietta street (yes, across the street from our current one) to expand to. This datacenter will provide Idologic with a lot of room to grow and expand over the coming years. We’re excited about placing our new servers in this datacenter (which is on the same network at the 56 Marietta location).

As company, in addition to providing top of the line customer service, we’re dedicated to offering our customers the best and latest technology available. Our technical team has spent a lot of time, money, and effort into designing our space in this state of the art datacenter. Some of the things this new location will feature:

– One hour of UPS power backup per rack (at full load), which can be expanded easily to 8 hours
– Filtered power
– A backup generator
– GigE private and public connections
– KVM access
– Remote reboot port accessThe last two features might particularly interest our dedicated server customers. The location will allow us to continue to grow and improve our offerings. We’ve already ordered all of the necessary parts. When they’re delivered, racked, and setup, we’ll be able to offer servers in this new datacenter. It’s exciting for us a company.For our current customers in 56 Marietta, there will be no migrations or anything. Your servers will stay there and will continue to operate like they usually do. This only affects new customers and customers who will be purchasing a dedicated server in the future.