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Hello everyone!  My name is Michael Lee and I’m the newest addition to the Idologic company.  You will see me frequently throughout the weekdays.

I am currently studying at the University of California, Los Angeles in both fields of Economics and Asian American Studies.  While I have a keen interest in finance and business, I’ve always had a burning passion for informational technology – particularly web hosting.  Since I got my first website, I’ve had a desire to learn anything and everything about the inner workings of servers and web hosting.  It started from PHP and CGI scripting, to control panel administration, to eventually Linux administration.  My pursuit to learn more continues by working for Idologic.

Whenever I’m not reading technology blogs or catching up on the latest in the web hosting industry, I’m either reading or doing homework, “balancing the books” of two organizations, or occasionally MMORPGs whenever I get the chance.

With that said, the good folks over at Idologic have placed their trust me and I look forward to serving you!