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Idologic Web Hosting Services
Idologic's data centers provide world class reseller web hosting and managed dedicated servers, as well as a wide array of other services that that compliment our customers' businesses and help them expand their bottom line. With multiple data centers in Atlanta and Dallas, Idologic customers take comfort in the knowledge that sites, servers or hosted applications are all monitored from multiple off network locations and not limited to single up-steam providers (single routes). Redundancy is the key to reliability; from network connections to disk storage on to power supply, Idologic ensures stability.

Reliable Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller web hosting empowers you to be your own web host. Whether you are hosting personal websites, friends & family, business associates, or your clients, Idologic offers a range of solutions. Kick back and leave the technical aspects of web hosting to our knowledgeable team while you concentrate on growing your business or developing your next project. The smooth operation of our servers is our single greatest priority. Each reseller hosting plan is backed by the best support staff in the industry known for their patience, friendliness, and knowledge. Couple this with the wide range of features at a more than affordable cost, and you arrive at the Idologic way of getting things done. Start now with our Reseller Web Hosting plans and experience web hosting unlike any other!

Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

Deploying a managed dedicated server with Idologic gives you total control over your websites and their environment. Install, uninstall, tweak, and test in any particular environment that you may need while being supported by Idologic's talented and knowledgeable staff. Find that you require a clustered environment? Need to setup a SAN? No problem! Idologic offers highly reliable and efficent managed dedicated server solutions which can be customized with your needs in mind.

Quality Data Backup Services

Most businesses are painfully aware of the need for backups of their mission-critical data, but most still backup their data on-site. Off-site backups can be just as convenient and ensure added physical security, redundancy and reliability. Idologic offers off-site backup on specially designed backup servers that are fully secure and running state of the art RAID-5 filesystems. Contact our sales department today for more information about Idologic's data backup services.

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Customer Testimonials:

"As an IT services provider, I needed a company I could rely on and make sure they can provide the highest uptime and reliability for not only our own email and website, but that of our clients as well. Our brand name does indeed rely on that of Idologic. I have a high level of trust placed in Idologic and hope to maintain it for many years to come. "

Shailendra Gupta
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