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Company Information
Idologic is a global data center services company and maintains data center space in prime telecommunication hubs across North America and has highly skilled employees from and working around the world. Idologic offers industry leading reseller, dedicated, and co-location hosting services. The company has worked hard to control its consistently rapid growth by focusing on its commitment to superior service, support, and reliability.

About Idologic

As a data center services company, Idologic specializes in providing high quality reseller and dedicated web hosting to a wide range of customers located all over the world. Our commitment to high quality service and reliability has consistently set us apart from our competitors and provided us with brand recognition that appreciates our commitment to uptime.

Three Key Features

Idologic grew out of the needs and experiences of a group of independent contractors who noticed that today's hosting industry lacked three key features: reliable service, excellent support and knowledgeable staff. Idologic is committed to provide this and more. We are confident we will provide you with service surpassing any of our competitors and that you will be completely satisfied with Idologic.

An IT Background

A lot of companies won't admit it, but Idologic does - we're a company made up of mostly geeks. Most Idologic's staff have a strong IT background with extensive Linux knowledge and all of our staff have good business sense, and a committment to stability. Our frontline technical support staff are involved with most server upgrades and changes and have a first hand knowledge of the server inside and out, from hardware to software.

The average support representative a customer deals with at Idologic would be considered a level three administrator at most hosting companies. Idologic was founded by two people with strong IT backgrounds and continues to hire people with equal or greater knowledge of the technologies Idologic provides. We're committed to ensuring that all of our customers deal with knowable staff members all the time.

Going The Extra Mile

Idologic believes in going the extra mile - all the time. We regularly go above and beyond our duty to ensure total customer satisfaction and to make the support experience at Idologic as enjoyable as possible for the customer. We are completely dedicated to our customers and will do whatever possible to ensure that they are happy and will continue to use Idologic and refer us to their friends, family, and co-workers.

Contact Idologic

For sales, technical, and billing questions, please visit our support page. For issues not relating to these (including abuse), click here.

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